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To be truly effective, a training program must be specifically tailored to each individual client. It must be appropriate yet challenging, structured yet diverse, and above all, fun and interesting.

At Veritas, our process of program design starts with a professional assessment and consultation to ensure that every program takes into account all aspects of the client’s life including hobbies, sporting activites, work environment and physical abilities in order to create workouts that have a true custom fit.

We take great pride at Veritas in using a wide range of exercise styles to challenge our clients. Getting stuck in a single training style is like painting only with blue—not only is it monotonous, but the body quickly adapts to render monotony ineffective.


One of a good trainer’s many responsibilities is to safely keep you at the edges of your abilities. That requires variety and innovation. Proper progression in your movements and training is key to keeping you consistently moving forward—it also helps you to avoid frustrating performance plateaus.


There are many training styles, fads and ideologies out there. None are inherently right or wrong, but some have the potential for problematic results for individuals with mobility, stability or cardiovascular limitations. At Veritas, we’ll take the uncertainty out of determining which styles suit you best, and which to avoid—helping you actualize the best version of yourself.


Keeping your workouts fresh helps you stay interested and engaged in your training programs. No two workouts should ever be exactly the same. This variety not only ensures that Veritas clients don’t become complacent, it also helps to create more functionality and adaptability in the body.

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