The Veritas Assessment Board

With the Veritas Assessment Board, we use a series of twelve movements to determine your current strengths and limitations.


Understanding your current abilities and limitations goes a long way to expanding and overcoming. What ranges of motion are challenging for you? What patterns are you unstable in? These things help us to know who you are in your physical self.


Based on where you currently stand in your physical abilities helps us to get a better sense of where you can go. An initial 30-minute assessment is required—and free of charge—to all new Veritas training clients. Once we analyze your test results, we begin crafting a plan that works for you.


Your information is used to create appropriate, innovative and effective workouts that get results for the state you’re in. Do you have muscular imbalances or asymmetries? The plans we build for you can help you stabilize and balance yourself, long after your program is done. A good trainer educates, and we’ll help you understand how what you’re doing benefits as you progress in your program.

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